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To protect, preserve, and disseminate the ancient and contemporary Jain literature, the Jain Education International organization in cooperation with Shri Mahavir Ardhana Kendra, Koba Ahmedabad; and Shri Prachya Vidyapith, Sajapur, India has launched a Jain eLibrary project. Under this project the Jain literature is converted electronically into eBooks (pdf or other formatted files) or other electronic media and made available via the website to the readers who are interested in the Jain religion and its philosophy.

The Jain eLibrary website is an online collection of Jain scriptures, Jain manuscripts, Jain dictionary, Jain encyclopedia, Jain articles, Jain magazines, and ancient and contemporary Jain books in English, Hindi, Gujarati, and other languages. It contains Shvetämbar Ägams, Digambar Shästras, Four Anuyogas, Commentary literature, Präkrit and Sanskrut literature, and ancient and modern literature representing all aspects of Jainism. It also includes the literature of various Jain sects. Catalogues of Jain manuscripts of various Jain libraries add to the diversity of this collection.
The eLibrary comprises of a vast collection of literature on Jain principles, such as Ahimsa, compassion, karma philosophy, and Anekäntaväda. It also provides Jain educational material for Jain Päthashälä or Sunday school.

While the readers discover the richness and spirituality of our ancient Jain tradition it also helps the authors and publishers to reach the new audience.
For many of the books and other literature we have obtained the permission from the authors/publishers for individual, private and non-commercial use only. Sometimes we do receive the eBooks and other electronic media file from other sources including from our readers.

We request that if you notice any violation of your copy-righted material, please write to us providing the full detail of the material to be removed. Mail your letter to the following address. Please do not send just an e-mail because many times an e-mail gets lost and sometimes responsible person may not receive the information to take action. We will remove your material from the website as soon as we receive your letter at the following address. In such cases, we apologize for our inadvertent error. Our only intention is to spread the message of non-violence and other principles of the Jain religion throughout the world in a totally non-commercial way.

The website is freely accessible all users and the registered users can freely download any material. No commercial use and freely distribution to the general public is permitted. The entire project is financed through contribution from the Jain communities of North America, India, and other parts of the world. None of the organizations and individuals benefit financially from the websites or from the readers.
Please use the following address for written and official communication
Pravin K Shah, Vice President
Jain Education International,
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